Postgame Quotes at Eastern Kentucky - Feb. 4, 2014

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“They are a really good team.  They are one of the best non-conference teams we have played.  I thought it was a really good game.  I thought we battled, played well and did a good job of executing on short rest.  The story of the game was that we just turned the ball over too much.  They got 63 shots and we got 37 shots.  We shot pretty well, but we couldn’t get enough shots because of turnovers.  The way they play causes turnovers, and they were very good coming in with that.  We didn’t handle that very well.  They did a nice job and give credit to them.  Now we have to move on and get ready for Samford.”

On the team’s turnovers
“Nineteen was a little too significant.  When we didn’t turn it over we got good looks, but we just turned the ball over too much.  Like Ronrico’s three-second count, those are fine.  At least you can set your defense when that happens.  We had too many live-ball turnovers that turned into homeruns for EKU.”

On making a run and cutting the lead close
“We got it to six, then four, and got a few stops but then we turned it over near the end.  We got a fast-break once where we missed a layup and another where we couldn’t make a pass.  We just didn’t finish and didn’t finish in transition.  We were just sloppy with the ball.  It hasn’t been an issue for us all year, and there aren’t a lot of teams who are able to pressure and have the athletes like Eastern Kentucky.  It was a tough night at the office for us, but we have to get back and get ready for Samford Saturday.  It’s a big game for us and we have to be ready to roll.”

Thoughts on Eastern Kentucky’s defense
“They do a very good job of making you do things faster than you want to.  That’s what their defense is designed to do.  It is what it is and they did a nice job.  They have quick hands and we were a little weak with the ball.  We over-dribbled some and tried to play a little too much one-on-one.  I was a little surprised that we had 12 assists.  I didn’t think we were going to have that many, and I knew we were going to have to drive in.  Our guys did a good job of driving, driving the baseline and sharing the ball.  We did some nice things on short prep and played well enough to win, but we just couldn’t get enough stops and turned the ball over too much.”

Looking ahead to Samford
“We’ve seen them once before and we will get back to work on our game plan tomorrow.  We will start getting ready to go.  Williams, their guard, is playing really well right now and Kelly is starting to get into his groove.  They are firing on all cylinders so we are going to have to bring it.  It will be a great test for us.”

Z. Mason, senior, forward
Thoughts on Eastern Kentucky

“They are a pretty good team.  They are the top team in the OVC and they have great guards.  They are well coached and they are a really good team.  They are hard to defend because they have a lot of guys who can attack off the bout and they have really good shooters.  They gave us some trouble in that area.  They are a great team and they are coached well.”

On the mental tempo of the game
“Fouls go either way, but you just have to block that out and continue to focus about the next stop on defense.  We have to stay focused on executing on offense.  We were able to kind of hang in there toward the end, but turnovers near the end really hurt us.”

On the physical tempo of the game
“We had a lot of self-inflicted turnovers.  I think it was a little bit of miscommunication, and that thought of thinking someone is there but they’re not.  There were just simple mistakes that hurt us down the stretch.  They try to hurry the offense and force the point guard to make the plays.  We were trying to switch it up so the rest of us could make plays, but EKU did a great job of defending us.”

Thoughts on moving forward into Saturday
“We have Samford Saturday, so we just have to focus in and prepare for them.  It’s the next conference game.  We have to take a little time off and get prepared.”

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