Postgame Quotes at Wofford

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Wofford
Johnson Arena – Spartanburg, S.C.
Monday – Feb. 17, 2014

Head Coach Jim Foster
On Taylor Hall playing point guard in the second half:
Our point guards did not do a very good job today.  As a result, I just sat them and made Taylor play the point guard for the second half.  The point is, the point guard should take charge of the game.  They both had an opportunity.  Chelsey is a freshman, Red gets excitable, and we didn’t need that today.  We needed steady and a calm hand.  The beauty of Taylor is that she can play four positions.  She played a new one today and did it very well.”

On Taylor Hall picking up two fouls in the first half: 
From that point of view, she has got to learn.  You can’t pick up two quick fouls, silly fouls.” 

On Ashlen Dewart dominating the glass:
“She did a great job on the defensive glass.  She really rebounded the ball well and I like the fact that she did that.  Sometimes players view themselves how they play offensively.  How may points they score.  She did not necessarily put the ball in the basket, she just dominated the glass.”

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