Postgame Quotes vs. UNCG

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
UNCG at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena – Chattanooga, Tenn.
Sunday – March 2, 2014

Head Coach Jim Foster
About the start fast in the beginning
"We had a lot of energy, maybe a tad too much on offense but we had a lot of energy."

The difficulty of running the conference
"It’s hard; you have to show up every night.  You’re the team that everyone wants to do well against.  You’re the team that people would relish beating.  When you win a close game and you’re walking off the floor, you can tell by the tears in the other player’s eyes.  That’s something that our players don’t understand or appreciate.  They do at that moment understand how bad people want to take away what is theirs."

About the defense that caused so many turnovers
"We played aggressive defense and we played with our heads, for the most part, defensively.  We made a couple rotation mistakes we could have been better on and we’ll work on that.  Again we like the energy at the defensive end, and a little less on offense."

About the seamless transition between coach Moore and Foster
"It’s not like I haven’t done this, and it’s not like he wasn’t a good coach.  We were grounded.  Defensively for sure a lot of the changes came about from offense.  We moved Ashlen not exclusively on the block, Alex off the ball, a couple of players take less threes and be a little bit more creative, and they were very responsive and it’s morphed into a team that has a lot of weapons."

About the assistants and their role in the season
"They were huge; I’ve said “You come in and you don’t know what you’re going to do” so Katie is driving me around Chattanooga with my wife, and she made two u-turns and I made the decision to hire her right then.  She made a mistake she corrected it immediately, no questions asked, was aggressive enough behind the wheel to satisfy a guy who grew up in the northeast."

About preparing for an unknown opponent at the SoCon Championships
"We do it every week; every Wednesday we practice, it’s not about who we are playing, it’s about tightening up things, about going over a bunch of different things that we like to keep fresh.  We do the same thing on Thursday and we get in a mode of a one day preparation which is what this is, if you prepare three day’s for one team and one day for the next I think you leave yourself pretty short.  We have experience doing that."

About the girls who played the last couple of minutes
"That’s a pretty good class coming down the stretch.  They’re athletic, Jasmine is certainly entertaining, Chelsey is going to be a good player, that freshman class has got some stuff about them."

Taylor Hall and Chelsey Shumpert
Taylor, did you realize you were 1 rebound and 1 steal away from a triple double?
“No I had no idea. If I would have known I would have tried a little harder on some spurts but I wasn’t aware of it.”

Chelsey, how hard is it playing when you’re leading by so much so early in the game?
“I don’t think its that hard. We just wanted to come out with energy for the seniors and keep the streak alive. I think we just came out with a lot of energy.”

Taylor, describe the emotional part of this being the last home game for you.
“I am not the most emotional person so I guess it hasn’t hit me yet because we still got the tournament coming up and I am focused on that. It is sad we don’t get to play in front of these fans at home anymore because they have been great and supporting us very well the past 4 years. Hopefully we will see some of them in Ashville.”

Going from 1 great coach to another there seems to be a learning curve. How was it so seamless to do this time?
Taylor: “The seniors and upperclassman got to spend time with Coach Foster this summer and got an idea of what he wanted from us. We were able to teach the others who weren’t here what he taught us so that helped a lot. He just tells us to play ball and we have been doing that our whole lives and its easy to catch on to that.”

Chelsey, as a player how do you prepare for an unknown opponent coming up?
“Well Coach Foster always tells us to be ready for anything. We always practice hard no matter what at anything no matter what it is. I guess its just natural that you must be ready.”

Chelsey as a freshman and all this win streaks and national attention how has the ride been for you?
“It’s a great experience. Not many freshman get to play with these amazing seniors like this. I have learned so much from the start and what they do. Its been a great ride and I will miss them.”

How much time have you spent with Taylor this season and learning from her?
“She has always been there for me. On the court she helps me a lot with defense and offense. I am so grateful for that and not many upper classman will do that for freshman.

Taylor describe the role in taking in such a large freshmen class as a senior under your wing?
“I try to lead by my actions and work hard every day in practice not taking anything off. I do most of my teaching in doing the little things right. I just try to help them along and they need to be able to get into the offense and what coach Foster wants and trying to say.” 

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