Postgame Quotes vs. Elon
No. 1 Chattanooga 77, No. 5 Elon 44
Asheville, N.C. - U.S. Cellular Center
March 9, 2014
Chattanooga Mocs

Head coach Jim Foster
Opening statement
“I think we played fairly well and for the most part took care of the ball. I thought our defense was good and moved their feet well. They made good decisions in rotations defensively. We played hard, real hard.”

On defense
“We changed some things a few weeks ago defensively. We’re doing a pretty good job of it. I think we can continue to get better defensively. We knew where their best 3-point shooter is 99 percent of the time. We made one mistake on her, and she got a wide-open 3. We made sure we didn’t allow that in the second half.”

Senior forward Ashlen Dewart
On rebounding
“I think rebounding is a huge factor in winning games. It led to some possessions for us and it keeps them from getting more possessions. I think, as a team, we did a good job of boxing out and getting rebounds.”

Senior forward Taylor Hall
On team’s depth
“I think that it’s a good thing to have 10-12 players and not be able to miss a bit. It’s helpful in times like this. We did get to rest in this game and rest for tomorrow. It helps to spread people out and get some rest.”

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