Postgame Quotes at ETSU - Mar. 18, 2014
Chattanooga Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game

“We just could get enough stops.  We got into a little bit of a flow in the second half.  We played hard.  We got 22 offensive rebounds, but we couldn’t convert them and couldn’t make a couple of momentum-changing plays.  We missed too many free throws.  We were playing hard, but we just couldn’t turn the momentum back our way enough.  I am proud of our guys.  It was a good season.  Not the way we wanted to end it but we’ll get back to work.”

Thoughts on the team’s play
“We shot a little bit better than we typically do and we crashed the offensive glass.  We just missed too many easy one around the basket and weren’t strong with our finishes.  We turned the ball over early in the second half on three of four straight possessions.  ETSU is a good team with good length and really contested our shots.”

On the team’s weakness
“We played well in some sperts and won some big games, but you are who you are and that shows in crunch time.  We were able to trick some things for a while and become a pretty good shooting team, but what got us in the two games at the end was that we weren’t a very good shooting team.  We couldn’t guard the ball very well and those things come to light when it’s a pressure situation like the postseason.  We are going to go back and correct that.  I am already excited to get back to work and get rolling.”

On the intensity of the game
“It was a good game.  Both teams played well and both teams played hard and they did a nice job.  I thought we did some things better, but they had two good guards.  That’s been our issue all year and we haven’t been able to solve it.  That got us again tonight.”

Thoughts on the season
“I think we had a good season.  I learned a lot as a first-year head coach, and we will be back and better next year.  I have already got three pages of notes on things we need to tweak, change and redo.  We have some areas where we can improve, and it is going to be great to be able to have a full off-season with our guys.  We have to turn around and get back to work.  We have to become a better basketball team next season than we were this season.”

Z. Mason, forward, senior
Thoughts on playing in the postseason

“It gives credit to all the things we did in the regular season to end it in the postseason.  Give credit to our guys, the coaching staff and everybody that contributed to the season.  I just hate to end it in a rivalry game to a team like ETSU.”

Thoughts on the season
“This team worked hard in the preseason and in the middle of the season.  There were a lot of guys who really stepped up – Gee McGhee, Casey Jones, Greg Pryor and Ronrico White coming off the hip injury.  Getting to the postseason and putting up 18 wins is a credit to how hard this team worked and how hard the coaching staff worked.  It gives credit to all of the things that came together to make this thing happen.  We were predicted to finish seventh and ended up second in the league with a postseason appearance. It was a great season.”

Thoughts on his Chattanooga career
“This was the most memorable.  The CPA kids coming out and supporting me and the standing ovation from the crowd on senior night was a great feeling.  The students and the fans that came out and supported us all year made it very memorable.  I enjoyed it and thanks to everyone who supported me in my career at Chattanooga.”

Martynas Bareika, guard, junior
Thoughts on his shooting

“My goal is to do my best.  Too bad I couldn’t have hit more shots.”

Thoughts on getting back into the game
“I would say one more stop would have put us back in the game.  We aren’t a great shooting team, but we hit shots and can score.  It’s all about stops.  We couldn’t get stops.  It was a back-and-forth game and it didn’t seem like either team could stop the other.  We missed a couple of shots, they hit a couple of shots and it got loose.  We just could come back.”

On getting to play in the CIT
“It was like a second life.  I got excited when Coach Wade called and told me we had another game.  We came back, worked hard for a couple of practices and gave it our best.  It just hurts for the season to end twice.”

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