Postgame Quotes vs. Syracuse - Mar. 22, 2014

NCAA TOURNAMENT - March 22, 2014
Lexington, Ky. - Memorial Coliseum


Jim Foster, Chattanooga, Head Coach:

On things that went wrong in the game …
“This was a very winnable game and we didn’t do things that we needed to do to win. You have to make foul shots in games like this and you have to win X-number of races for loose balls.Some you’re going to lose because there’s a quickness factor involved, but if you don’t go for every one of them, you’re not going to win enough of them.”

On what the team could’ve done differently …
“You have to do little things. You have to make foul shots. You have to have five people on the floor who want to score. You got some players that are maybe afraid against the zone with their skillset, instead of attacking it and making it work. If you’re not a great shooter, you can get in the gaps. If you’re not a great shooter, you can be a great offensive rebounder. You can do little thins and that’s the kind of thing that’s necessary to take another step. When you have a player like Taylor, you can’t get used to a player making the big shots or making the big plays and assuming that it’s her responsibility. That’s a mentality that they will continue to be worked on. It’s a team game and if you help, someone’s got to help you. That’s the mentality we are striving for.”

On playing against a zone defense …
“If they’re extended in another area, a couple things, Alex can now go by them and get into the seam or gaps of the zone and make a play or because they’re hugging her, your opportunities are a lot greater where you are. There zone is a little distorted now because they’re in another direction. Ball fakes are a marvelous thing against a zone.”


On if Syracuse’s length affected them ...

“No, x numbers of rebounds maybe, but I don’t think that’s a large x.”


On if Sykes injury impacted the game …

“I never think that that’s a factor in a game because other players, somebody else comes in the game and makes a play. Butler decided to get more aggressive because Sykes wasn’t there.

Things like that can have a long term effect, but in short term, people pick up.



Faith Dupree, Chattanooga, Forward

On their performance against Syracuse …

“Our effort on loose balls, our effort on rebounding did not compete with [Syracuse] in those aspects of the game. It didn’t help us. We didn’t put our effort in and therefore we didn’t get anything good out of it.”


On Syracuse outrebounding them …

“The effort, the loose rebounds that either team could’ve gotten, they seemed to have gotten all of those or most of those and just the will to get it. I think they wanted it more than we did. Me personally, that happened to me a few times and she outrebounded me when I could’ve gotten the loose ball. Things like that happened throughout the whole game and it showed on the scoreboard.”


Taylor Hall, Chattanooga, Forward

On what happened in the game …

“Well losing is never fun, but it’s even more frustrating whenever it’s things such as missed free throws, no getting rebounds, things that we should be able to control each day and that’s makes it a little bit harder to swallow, I guess. Our goal has been to put 40 minutes together the entire year and once again we didn’t do that this game and you can’t have five minutes of lackadaisical effort or something like that and expect to go on in this tournament.”


On Syracuse’s length and athleticism …

“I think that’s why it’s important to get those SEC games and all those games early in the season because you don’t see that in the So-Con (Southern Conference). You have a couple athletic people, but as a whole there’s no team that presents that type of challenge. That did affect us, just kind of not being used to it and rushing, like you said. They’re very athletic and that definitely, I guess, rushed us at times.”

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