Postgame Quotes vs. Elon

Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at Elon
Alumni Gym - Elon, N.C.
Thursday - Jan. 24, 2013

Chattanooga Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"Elon can shoot the basketball and our kids knew that. I thought we withstood their initial hit in the second half and withstood their punch to punch back. We went inside, got fouled, score the ball and it seemed like business as usual. Z. Mason went to the foul line to cut it to five points and being down 10 at the half isn't out of reach. We cut that down to half with no panic and we looked like we were in good shape. It went quick. You have to be able to guard three-point shooters, but for the fifth or sixth game we've let a shooter get loose and go crazy. Gee McGhee can't guard three perimeter players. We have to be able to guard at different spots on the perimeter, particularly the point, and we haven't been very good in doing that."

Thoughts on Elon's offense
"I put the challenge out there today during practice for the point guard to be guarding someone. We understand he has the ability to shoot the ball, and he went off. He probably scored 15 points in a two minute period. We understand that you have to fight over the screen. We made some fundamental mistakes by going under it. We made some bone-head plays. You have to know personnel, and I think that is because we are youthful. You have to know personnel in a zone and man-to-man. I know they shot the ball from deep while we were in the zone, but you have to know who the shooter is and we did a poor job of adjusting to that. But still, we played poorly, we were down by 10, we fought back and it should have been a 5-point game. Then it got away from us really quick."

On adjusting the starting lineup
"The lineup is going to be shuffled. We had a couple of guys out so that had Lance Stokes playing a little out of position. We're trying to get things figured out midway through a conference season, but give Elon credit because they shot the ball great. They are a great team and they beat us tonight. We will be going back to the drawing board as soon as we get on the bus."

Gee McGhee, guard, freshman
Thoughts on Elon pulling away
 "They really had momentum. Whenever we missed free throws they took advantage of it and took it up the court. They got a couple of three-pointers to get them started, they were feeling it and just kept shooting it."

Thoughts on Elon's offense
"It was hard to stop them because the trap was not working. They have a guard who was hitting three-pointers and a man on the inside really giving us a workout. We just couldn't beat them to the boards or get a break. We had a tough game and didn't defend how we should have, but we are going to get better."

Frustrations on the loss
"I am more frustrated that we have to wait a day to play rather than just being frustrated with the loss. I am ready to play and I hate waiting with a loss on my mind."

Eric Robertson, guard, freshman
Thoughts on his three-point shooting
"I just try to be a team player and do what I can do to help the team win. If I can hit an open shot to help the team, I want to."

On being more comfortable on the court
"I am getting more and more comfortable as the season goes on. I am getting comfortable playing and feeling the way I play. I know what to expect each game. For a freshman, now I really know what it takes each game."

On aggressiveness against Elon
"I wasn't afraid to foul. I have been playing this game for so long that I've learned that if you are afraid then it will only hurt your game. You just have to go in there and be willing to do what it takes to help your team."

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