Postgame Quotes vs. the College of Charleston
Chattanooga Lady Mocs Postgame Quotes
Chattanooga at College of Charleston
TD Arena - Charleston, S.C.
Saturday - Feb. 16, 2013

Head Coach Wes Moore
Thoughts on the game:
We went into this game saying, they are a great transition team and they are a great offensive rebounding team and we can't let Frye go wild on the three point line.  Those were the things we were focused on and we got our tails kicked in the first half on the boards.  They outscored us 14-5 in second-chance points in the first half.  We gave up 39 points.  We gave up three 3's to Frye.  This isn't rocket science.  There are certain things you have to take away and we just didn't get it done in the first half. 

"I cannot say enough about the second half.  Our kids gutted it out and out-rebounded them by 19 in the second half.  Frye scored one point and we did not give up any threes to her.  I think our point guards did a great job all day on Brown.  She makes them go.  She is either going to push it or sling it down the floor.  She really ignites their transition game.  I thought our point guards did a good job of shadowing here all day.  Good team win.

"The first half you give up 39 points and the second half you give up 19.  Obviously, you are playing with a little more energy.  They scored 14 points off offensive boards in the first half and they scored two in the second half.  You have to take those away.  If you are going to be a great team, you have to do that every day.  No just now and then, you have to do it consistently."

On the play of Ashlen Dewart:
"She got in foul trouble.  I put her back out there for a couple of minutes in the first half with two fouls and they went with a small lineup.  I said, let's get her out of there and go small ourselves.  With Ka'Vonne out today, that was tough to do.  "Destiny Bramblett did a great job when she was in there.  We were able to get away with going small."

"Ashlen gets the heck beat out of her every night.  She just hangs in there and keeps coming."

On the play of Faith Dupree:
What can you say about Faith.  She is ridiculous.  She is a point-per-minute.  With her knee and her back, she has a hard time on the defensive end.  If this was football, she would be an All-American.  Put here in there on offense and they sub her out on defense.  She had a hard time with mobility and being able to box people out, but offensively, what can you say.  It is unbelievable what she can do it a short amount of time."

More on the game:
I thought Tatianna gave us a lift off the bench with a couple of steals.  I thought Red did a great job on the boards, ending up with five defensive rebounds.  She did a good job of keeping the point guard in front of her for most of the game."

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