MBB Postgame Quotes at Georgia - Dec. 2, 2013

Head Coach Will Wade
Thoughts on the game
“Their length gave us a ton of problems. We drove it in there and couldn’t finish over their length. That was a major issue for us. They posted their guards off the flex cuts, which we knew they were going to do, and we couldn’t guard them or stand up to them in the post. Their length and how big they are were big factors in us missing a lot of easy baskets and all those shots around the rim.”

On playing on the SEC stage
“It’s human nature to be a little intimidated, but you have to fight human nature. We talked the last two days about finishing off two feet, and we went in there at guys and threw up a bunch of garbage. We were fading away and didn’t do anything we had worked on. That was the most frustrating to me. We had a couple where we did what we were supposed to do, made good plays and drew fouls. But against teams like that, there are ways to combat it. We had a plan but we strayed from it. When it started slipping away from us, we settled for jump shots and shot turnovers. We started their break, got them going and we couldn’t set our defense. It was just one thing leading to another, and it snowballed on us. We were down big at half time.”

What the Mocs weren’t able to do against Georgia
“We never got Georgia out of their comfort zone, and they beat us with their set offense. I thought we would be able to guard it pretty well because it was set stuff, and I was worried they were going to go to their dribble-drive and they would whip us off the bounce. I was obviously worried about rebounding coming into the game, and we just got killed on the glass. Part of that is that they’re so big and we can’t get inside position on them. We have to do a better job of fighting and coming up with something.”

Thoughts on Z. Mason and the starters’ performances
“Not just Z, but our starters only scored 22 points total. We need 22 points from one starter. We aren’t going to win any games with our starters combined score being 22 points. That isn’t going to get it done. We got frustrated, and teams are good and know what they are doing. They are taking away some of our strengths and we’re not as comfortable with our counters yet. We have to get comfortable with those over the next eight days before we play again.”

On where the Mocs can improve
“We have to work on our half-court defense and work on guarding the ball. Those are the two main areas. We have to be able to keep the ball in front and we have to rebound better. If we can do that better that’ll help us quite a bit. We have to continue to work on our offensive execution. We have been scoring the ball pretty good until tonight. Luckily I don’t think we will have to finish over guys like that, which will be nice, but we have a lot of stuff to work on and fix.”

Lance Stokes, junior, forward
Thoughts on the game
“Georgia was good, but we didn’t play to our strength. We had a rough night shooting it, but we have to be able to sit down and guard. I don’t think we did a good enough job of that tonight.”

Where Georgia was able to succeed
“Getting beat in the paint is not going to win a lot of games no matter who you’re playing. We had a good game plan, and Coach Wes Long had a good scouting report. We just didn’t do a good enough job of following it. We knew we were outsized and we were ready to attack, but we just didn’t take it to them enough. We didn’t do a good job on the glass, and that’s what led to them being able to jump in front of us.”

Where the Mocs are at this point in the season
“Coach Wade has done an incredible job of having us prepared. Our young guys are prepared and our old guys are ready. We aren’t using youth or inexperience as an excuse or crutch. We feel like we put in the prep to be competitive and win night-in-and-night-out. Tonight we didn’t do that. We just didn’t follow the gameplan thoroughly and didn’t keep our heads.”

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