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Chattanooga Basketball Postgame Quotes
Utah Valley at Chattanooga
McKenzie Arena - Chattanooga, Tenn.
Saturday - Dec. 29, 2012

Head Coach John Shulman
Thoughts on the game
"I was thrilled at the half. I thought we played really well in the first half. When I said we were going to be creative, I meant it. We switched defenses and played every defense we have in the first half. I was really proud of our guys at the half. We gutted it out. They pushed us, we pushed back and we made plays. Like I told them during a timeout, I was having fun coaching the team. I can't say that for every year I've been here, but I am having fun coaching this team. You have baseline penetration and Z. Mason is taking a charge. Are you kidding me? We had a lot of neat stuff going on out there. Gee McGhee goes up there and air-balls his first free throw, but then goes on to make 8-out-of-9 or 9-out-of-10 after that. Gee really stepped up and Martynas Bareika was great on defense. As for Utah Valley, I can't say enough about Holton Hunsaker. What a player he is and what a tournament he had. I am excited. I am having a lot of fun coaching and they are listening. They are an excited bunch because they just won the Dr Pepper Classic."

On what Chattanooga gained with winning the Dr Pepper Classic
"We've gained momentum over the last 48 hours. We talked about how somebody was going to leave here 2-0, two were going to be 1-1 and only one was going to go home 0-2. We are leaving here with momentum and feeling good about ourselves. For a team that hasn't really felt good about itself all year long, this is a good thing. We've got momentum and we've got some belief. Belief is pretty important."

Thoughts on where the team goes from here
"After our preparation today, I watched Dontay Hampton and Lance Stokes both have 30-40 minute workouts on the court. I see a lot of light at the end of the tunnel with those two. They are going to be back. You say that Dontay is going to be back and you really don't know, but I watched him today and he is going to be back. Lance is going to be back. There are certain things as a coach that you can't coach or teach, like stepping up to the foul line and making free throws. Winning is a very good taste and we just experienced it two nights in a row. I am proud of our kids. Farad Cobb and Alex Bran manned the point guard spot and Eric Robertson came in and did a nice job. I thought Jared Bryant did a great job early, and the nice thing will be when Dontay and Lance get back because it is going to be competitive for minutes. You are going to see our level go higher. It is good for those kids to get a chance to enjoy the game."

Thoughts on the veteran presence
"Ronrico is a sophomore veteran. He is playing the wing now, and I am not going to tell him that he finished the game at the point. I am going to pretend he just happened to be dribbling the ball. He is just a different player now than he was three games ago. I couldn't play him against Reinhardt. He thought it was because he was sick, but he was just bad. Now he has his confidence back, and I thought Z. Mason looked like a grown man. I am just going to tell you, Gee McGhee had nine rebounds. That is where you win games. Bryant getting an offensive rebound in the first half and us scoring two points is where you win games. Sam Watson getting an offensive rebound and giving it to Ronrico for a score is where we win ball games. Those are winning plays. Alex Bran turns the ball over and they bring it down the court, but there he is to take a charge. Those are winning plays. They aren't the plays that show on the stat sheet, but they are the plays that you may not pay as much attention to. You have to make those little plays to win games."

Ronrico White, guard, sophomore
On how he will spend his off day
"I am going to rest up. I need to get my legs back. That's pretty much it. We will all probably come over and find some time to shoot. We love coming over and just shooting, but we're either going to get to the gym and put up a few shots and rest in our rooms."

On coming back from the break to win two straight
"I guess you can say the break really helped us. We got away from each other for a little while and came back with a really focused mindset. Now we have two wins coming back from the break. Us older guys had to let the younger guys know that we needed stops in certain spots if the game, we needed rebounds in certain spots and let them know stuff like that during the course of the game instead of after the game."

On who stood out tonight on defense
"We know who we are and we know what we have to do to get a victory. Marty played great defense on his guy tonight. Hunsaker made some unbelievable shots with a hand in his face, but Marty played great defense and slowed him down a little."

Z.Mason, forward, junior
On what it has been like to come back from the break with two wins
"It is just a different atmosphere in our locker room. We felt good after last night's win, but we knew we had another one tonight. It feels good to get this win. Everyone has worked so hard up to this point and we want to continue to work hard. We need to keep fighting as a team. For us to come out and win this tournament feels good."

On helping the Mocs win the Dr Pepper Classic and winning MVP
"I have tried to find ways to insert myself into the game and ways I can help my team. I knew I didn't play my best during the first half, and we needed this win, so I just played my hardest. I wanted to help us get a win, and I was lucky to be able to do that."

Thoughts on his offensive showing
"I had to really find myself on offense. I didn't feel like I was really in the offense and I was just floating around. I didn't feel like I was in a rhythm, but I found a way to insert myself into the offense. I was happy to give us a push where we needed it so we could win this game."


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